And the winner is…

I know I was supposed to do this earlier but life scooped me up and dragged me off, as life sometimes does. I’m sorry for the delay!

At last though, I’ve put all your names into a hat. A cowboy hat to be precise. That I bought in Texas. As you do.

Then I closed my eyes and pulled one out at random. And here’s the winner!


Congratulations Clare!

I’ve sent you an email, and once I have your address I’ll post a signed copy of Night School to you next week!

And thanks to everyone who entered by commenting on the post. I LOVED your comments.


  1. please can you make another part of night school i absolutely enjoyed reading it it i nearly felt that i was in the story too. thank you

  2. OOH I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!!! I have to admit you are amazing.

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