French Night School 2 Cover Reveal


The French cover of Night School 2! Called ‘Legacy’ in the UK, it’s called ‘Heritage’ in France.


I hope you like it, too!



  1. It looks AMAZING!!!! Just a thought, will the cover look like this for the UK version but with different text??? Can’t wait for it to come out now 😀

  2. Hi Sophie. I’m glad you like it! The UK cover will be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I can’t wait to show it off!! 🙂

  3. OMG!! Night School is incredible!!! I cant wait to read the second book. Im Mexican!!

  4. It’s just WOW! I love this cover and the blue hair of the girl 😉
    The German cover will be very different too…

  5. that is brilliant. it looks great and it goes with the uk version of the first book. why cant we have this version. dont get me wrong, i love our one its just that it goes better with our night school.

  6. Hello ! My name is Angèle and I’m French. I’m 12. I’m bad in english. I love your book. I look forward to reading the book 2. ” Héritage” in France. Thanks for these wonderfull books.

  7. hello I love de first book and I´m waiting the second book I know it will be fantastic

  8. O M G!! No comments. Night School is Amazing. I can’t wait for read the second book. I just want to know when it will come out!

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