Night School blog tour and contest


Starting TOMORROW, there’s an amazing Legacy tour of fourteen incredible blogs!

But it’s not just boring me blabbing on and on – there’s also a contest where you can win all kinds of awesome things. All you have to do is collect a secret word from each blog post (it’s easier than it sounds). In two weeks you can enter them into a secret page on THIS VERY WEBSITE.

Then you will be a member of my own Secret Society. And we will commit acts of organised mayhem AROUND THE WORLD.

Or, at least, chat online and maybe drink tea.

Anyway. Find out all about it by reading the blogs on the tour; they will have the instructions. Look out for a word in bold or highlighted that you can click on. You’ll know you have the right word if it opens a new page and tells you you’re right!

And I will tweet clues from my Twitter account every day to both help and annoy you.

Please enter. I WANT YOU ALL TO WIN.



  1. Is not there some other way to enter? If words are the only way (and all are in English) puts me at a disadvantage against people who have English as their mother tongue :c

  2. Opino lo mismo nos pone en desventaja a las personas q tenemos como lengua materna el español , me encanta el libro pero seria mucho pedir la comprension de los demas

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  4. Eveletta: The words are highlighted and bolded to make it super easy to find them whatever your native language! Then you just paste them into the secret page which will appear on my website! I hope you win! CJx

  5. hi, just wanna say i’m a big fan of night school! love it! anyway i dont have twitter, and i need the clues is there any other way i can get them? thank you!

    • Hmmm — good point! Maybe I should put the clues on my Facebook page, too! Would that work? If so, I’ll do it once a day, linking to the articles. Thanks for pointing this issue out! 🙂

  6. thank you soo much! facebook definitely works!by the way, i found the first 3 skills!!! i`m sooooo excited!!!!!

  7. but there are only 2 skills now i think or no?

  8. sur les site du 4 il n’y avait pas de lien sur les mots en gras et sur le second site il y a beaucoup de mot en gras comment fait-on pour savoir lequel est le bon?

  9. no because there were two yesterday and 2 today, so theres 4

  10. Pour aujourd’hui les mots ne marche pas!!! =)

    • Elisa, désolé de ne pas tous les mots sont en cliquant à travers! Mais ils sont en gras ou souligné, et je suis en train d’indices sur mon blog pour le rendre plus facile! J’espère que cela aide! CJx

  11. c’est pourquoi les liens ne fonctionnaient pas! merci

  12. and i think i found the link on the 3rd website but it does not work, and i couldn’t find any skill on the 4th website

    • Sorry Tooba, it’s a bit confusing as each blogger is doing it differently! To make it clearer I’m going to put links/clues up on my blog and then I can give HINTS if necessary to help!! 🙂

  13. what time, roughly do the bloggers put up the posts?

  14. where do we post once we have got all 14 words?? #confuzzled

  15. Have you got all of the 14 words?

  16. Can you tell us at what time the secret page will be available? Pleaseeeeeeeeeee :3

  17. ne vous inquiété pas Christi j’ai déjà trouvé les 12 premiers mots

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