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Night School Legacy Final Blog Tour

All the secret words are out there and the clues have been given.

If you’ve collected all fourteen words, all you have to do now is go to the Members Page on this website, and enter the words in the form now live at the bottom of that page.

Scroll down until you see the Cimmeria Academy badge and you’ll find the form!

The form will stay live until midnight, UK time, 13 January.

Go win this thing!!



  1. how do we know if we are accepted as a member then?

  2. that s the same question i want to ask. And when do we know ?

  3. I’ve entered and it’s popped up with the congratulations page and was wondering, how do we know if we’re one of the first 10 to get membership??? Also, should the email be sent to me about my membership straight away or in a few days/hours? Thanks for doing the blog tour 😀 I really loved looking through the blogs and reading more about Night School 😀

    • If you’re in the first 10, you will receive an email after the contest ends on the 13th telling you that you’ve won!

      The email about membership seems to take a few hours to come through FOR SOME REASON. *Not very technical face*

      I’m so glad you liked the Blog Tour!! Thanks for entering my contest!


  4. My email still hasn’t come through and it’s been a day since I entered…should I re enter or just wait and see???

  5. Je suis dans le même cas que Sophie, comment sait-on?

  6. I’m the same as sophie+elisa…I entered on thrusday&it still hasn’t come through?

  7. Me too, I entered really early on Thursday, got the confirmation page, but no email still! *worried face*

  8. Ok…I re entered yesterday and there is no email from that one either! Is there something up with the email system???

  9. *worried face* 🙁

    • Don’t worry, Becca! There were way more entries than we expected — it’s possible the computer couldn’t handle them all! If you saw the congratulations page, though, you’re safe!! CJx

  10. Don’t worry girls! I’m sure the emails will come soon! The pop-up Congratulations page said it may take a few days to come.

  11. J’aimerais savoir si c’est normal que je n’ai toujours pas reçu mon email de confirmation alors que je me suis inscrite jeudi midi.

  12. have the top ten people recieved an email?

  13. I haven’t got mine either Elisa so I wouldn’t worry too much. I entered Thursday afternoon too.

  14. when are we going to see who wins? will they get an email or will it be on the website too?

  15. Moi non plus, je ne l’ai pas encore reçu Elisa. Je pense qu’il faut attendre encore un peu. (:

  16. okay, and how do we know who the winner is? I mean, just curious you know.

  17. finally got the email 🙂 but wasn’t one of the first 10 🙁 🙁

  18. J’ai reçu l’email ! 😀

  19. Now I’m worried! Mine hasn’t come through D:

  20. yeah I haven’t got mine either, urgh, depressing

  21. I think there’s something wrong with my email… how do I get the mail again?

  22. The email has arrived 😀 If you entered on the afternoon of the 10th, hopefully you’ll also be getting your emails too 😀

  23. The Google hangout with the winners is tomorrow right? Will we get to know who the winners are?
    Oh, and btw my email never arrived T-T

    • Hello Ara. The hangout will be scheduled next week! We couldn’t do it on Saturday because a lot of people hadn’t been notified yet. Sorry about that! My publisher will get in touch to let you know the new date and time early next week. CJx

  24. Merci CJ je l’ai reçu mais je suis déçu de ne pas être dans les 10 premières. j’étais tellement à fond dedans que je pensais à rien d’autre et j’ai même faillit rater un contrôle.

  25. Yes thanks CJ I got my email saying I’ve completed the blog tour 🙂 wish I could have been one of the top ten (stupid school meaning I couldn’t enter til 4pm :P) congratulations to the top ten 😀 Hope you enjoy your hangout/enjoyed it 😀

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