New Resistance trailer teaser!

A new teaser from the Night School Resistance book trailer has just gone live. This one is INTENSE.

It shows Allie and Carter training. THIS is what it takes to be in Night School.

What do you think? Could you make it through Night School training?


Get Night School Resistance

The full Night School Resistance trailer will be released 5 June 2014, the same day the book comes out in the UK, and the day before it is released in the US and Canada!

If you live in the UK, you can pre-order Resistance now. You can also enter a contest to win a free signed copy of Resistance before its release date!

I’ll be doing a worldwide and US giveaway soon! Stay TUNED…


  1. i love the part when carter gives allie a hand

  2. I can’t wait for the book! It comes out on the 5th in the UK right?! So excited!

  3. Yes! It’s out on the 5th! I can’t WAIT for you to read it! 🙂

  4. i dont want to wait a lot, since here in greece the book will be released in a long long time, so ill just pre order it in english…..cant wait!!!!!!!!

  5. Every time I see the teaser I get more and more excited for reading the book!

  6. just finished reading Resistance about 5 minutes ago. it was truly amazing!!!!
    cannot wait for the next book to come out, especially due to the huge cliffhanger… just have to what, what, another 9 months? I cant wait that long!!!!!

  7. hi thanks 4 writing the best book ever and i cant wait to read the 4th book and plz folow me on twitter xxx

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