Night School Web Series: The Gilmore Girl

Episode Four of the Night School Web Series is LIVE!!

Meet Katie Gilmore. Cimmeria’s resident pain in the arse.

Find out what’s really going on behind those beautiful green eyes.

This is The Gilmore Girl.

One Comment:

  1. Film:
    Allie: Jessica Sargent
    Rachel: Maia Mitchell
    Carter : Cambell Challis
    Sylvain: Louis Clarke-Clare
    Nathaniel: Daniel Carmel
    Gabe: Tom Blount
    Jo: I don’t know 🙁
    Katie: Grace Perry
    Zoe: Bailee Madison
    Nicole: Indiana Evans
    Isabelle: Scarlett Johansson
    Lucinda: Julia Andrews
    Jules: Nathalia Ramos
    Eloise: Emilia Clarke

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