The Secret City is OUT and International Contest



The Secret City is published today in the UK.

And in the US (ebook only for now).

Co-writing with an author in a different country has been an adventure from the start – one I will never forget. Carina and I called it The Book From Two Brains, when we first began. And later The Book of Four Hands.

But it’s become a series I’m truly proud of. About overcoming obstacles. Keeping your faith. Risking everyone. And surviving.

Always surviving.



Win a signed copy

The amazing blogger La Chouett interviewed both me and Carina this week about The Secret City. You can read the interviews and enter her international contest to win a signed copy of The Secret City and an alchemical necklace plus other swag.

Read the interview with me.

Read the interview with Carina

Follow me on Twitter, as there will be giveaways on every stop of this week’s blogtour!

Also, if you live in the UK or Ireland, check out Atom Books on Instagram, as they are running a UK-only giveaway as well. And enter the UK-only contest run by Pewter Wolf.

Tell me what you think

I love our new monsters. And Sacha, Taylor and Louisa. And Oxford and Carcassonne. And Sacha’s motorcycle.

I hope you like it.

If you do, please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. It really makes a difference.

International release dates

The Secret City will release in France and Poland in October, and next year in Germany and more countries.

The Secret Fire is out now in Germany, France, Poland, the US and the UK. It comes out this September in Latin America, and will be released soon  in Turkey, Serbia, and other countries around the world.

Thank you so much for taking this journey with me.

I love you guys.


CJ x



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