Early Allie

Allie’s first day at Brixton Hill School – Meet Allie six months BEFORE Night School begins.


Night School extra chapters

Reverse POV of THAT scene in Carter’s bedroom.

You know the one. It’s in chapter 22 of the UK edition of Night School. Kissing is involved.

Read the scene from Carter’s point of view.


Night School Legacy extra chapters

Reverse POV: The night of the Winter Ball 

See that night from Carter’s perspective. Find out why he did what he did.

Out-take: What happened at Rachel’s house

In this out-take from Night School: Legacy, we see what happened AFTER Chapter one, while Allie stays with Rachel and the rest of the Patel family on their comfortable country estate. And considers riding a horse.

Allie at Rachel’s house – an out-take from Night School Legacy.


Night School Glossary

One of the most common questions I get asked is ‘How do you pronounce “Sylvain”??’ Which is fair enough for anyone who isn’t from France. So here’s a quick primer on the two difficult names in Night School.

Cimmeria - Pronounced ‘Sim-EAR-ee-uh’.

Hear ‘Cimmerian’ said aloud by clicking on this link, and then clicking on the speaker symbol.

Sylvain - Pronounced ‘Sil-VUHN’

Hear a word that sounds the same – ‘Sylvan’ – by clicking on this link, and then on the speaker symbol.



Download a Night School Badge

Save the image below to your computer by right-clicking on it. Then you can print it out and stick it on a notebook or wherever you wish!

Night School Member Crest