New Night School Prequel

April 11th, 2014  / Author: CJ Daugherty

Coffee Flower


I’ve just posted a brand new Night School prequel on Watt Pad

Called The Day the Lights Went Out, the prequel is set five years before the start of Night School One. Isabelle has been headmistress for one year. Carter is eleven years old.

And Nathaniel is about to make his presence known for the first time.

This story introduces a new character you will meet again in later Night School books. It also explains once and for all why there are no computers at Cimmeria Academy.

The first half of the story is up now! The second half will go up in the same place next Friday.

I hope you like it!

Read The Day the Lights Went Out on WattPad.





New Prequel Coming Friday!

April 8th, 2014  / Author: CJ Daugherty

Breaking news

THIS FRIDAY, 11 April, I will be putting up a new free PREQUEL!

It is set 5 years before the start of Night School 1. Carter West is 11 years old. Allie hasn’t yet committed her first crime. And Nathaniel is about to make his presence known.

It’s called The Day the Lights Went Out.

I’ll be releasing it first on WattPad as an exclusive. Later, I’ll put it up here, on my website.

The prequel is in two parts. The first will be released this Friday and the second half will be released next Friday.

So, please join me on Friday. I’ll bring the coffee.


Night School US Covers

April 3rd, 2014  / Author: CJ Daugherty


I’m thrilled to share with you the US/Canada covers for the Night School books for books 2-4!

It’s a brand new look for the series, and I absolutely LOVE IT.

We’ll eventually re-cover Book 1 too, and then everything will be beautiful and matching and the world will be a better place.

What do you think? Which one of the three covers is your FAVOURITE??

Sayin’ ain’t doin’

April 3rd, 2014  / Author: CJ Daugherty

Rusty James


Meet Rusty James. The male inspiration for Allie Sheridan.

Here’s the thing. I get asked all the time what my ‘life philosophy’ is. Or what my motto is. My answer is always the same.

‘Sayin’ ain’t doin’.’

It has been my motto since I was 18 years old.

It comes from Rumble Fish, the book by SE Hinton, without whom I believe there might be no young adult genre of books today. She’s a brilliant writer, and she creates beautiful characters. Particularly male characters actually. She really understands teenage boys.

I didn’t discover Rumble Fish through the book, though – I discovered it from the film. If you have never seen Rumble Fish go out right now and watch it. It’s black and white and heartbreaking. The writing is amazing.

And I got my motto from it. From Rusty James. The coolest boy in Oklahoma.

When I first started writing Night School, I imagined Allie as kind of a female version of Rusty. Wounded but strong. Always fighting. Never sure of who she really is. Wanting to be loved.

And always, always sceptical.