The Night School Series


Praise for the Night School series

‘Unforgettable scenes of suspense.’  Booklist

‘You’ll love the pacey plot and distinctly British edge this dark and gothic tale has within its pages.’   Sugarscape

‘St Trinian’s tinged with a murderous streak’ – Closer

‘Hints of tantalizing plot twists to come will have readers panting for the next instalment.’ Kirkus Reviews

‘Gloriously creepy’ – Image

When everyone is lying, who do you trust?

The Night School series is about trust, lies and greed.

It is not a paranormal series.

It contains no vampires, witches or zombies. However it is filled with the human equivalent. For what are vampires, after all, but bloodsuckers who take and give nothing back? And what are zombies but violent idiots?

The people in Night School are made superhuman by their money.

The series is set in modern times in the world of the super rich, in whose midst Allie Sheridan finds herself when she is sent to Cimmeria Academy, an exclusive boarding school in the south of England. It’s a seductive place, filled with beautiful young people who have never flown on a commercial airliner in their lives because their parents always send the family jet. These teens were raised by nannies who spoke four languages, and they do all their shopping on London’s Bond Street and Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.

But Allie, who values truth above everything, soon learns that their beautiful world is laced with deception. And danger.

When she discovers that their world is really her world too, she knows she’s trapped. Now all she wants is to get out alive.

The inspiration

The series was inspired by a photo of Prime Minister David Cameron and  London Mayor Boris Johnson when they were teenagers and members of the secret Bullingdon Club at Oxford University.

The picture became quite famous in the UK and soon other photos appeared showing more government officials and scions of wealthy families  when they, too, were members of that same secret group.

I knew already that similar groups exist at American Ivy League schools and at the French Grandes écoles, and it all  got me thinking. What was it like to be them? The children of prime ministers, billionaires and kings can almost get away with anything. And if you were sixteen and could get away with anything… What might you do?


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Get the books

When it’s complete, there will be five books in the Night School series. The first two books, Night School and Night School: Legacy are already international best sellers, translated into 20  languages. The third book in the series, Night School: Fracture, is out in most countries now. Night School: Resistance, the fourth book in the series, is out now in the UK, France and Germany, and will be out elsewhere in 2015.

The fifth and last book in the series, Night School: Endgame, is due out in summer 2015.

Links to buy the Night School books.

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