Night School: Fracture

Night School Fracture UK edition

Night School Rupture French edition

Night School 03. Denn Wahrheit musst du suchen

Fracture US and Canada edition

Fracture Poland cover Zagrozeni







‘Thrill-packed; Daugherty’s storytelling brims with gusto.’ –  FT

’5 stars!’ – Teen Now

‘Full of intrigue and mystery.’ Maximum Pop



It all falls apart…

Cimmeria Academy’s solid walls have protected the children of the British elite for centuries. But now those walls are beginning to crumble. And if they fall, Allie Sheridan knows nothing can save her.

A powerful and dangerous secret society – one that controls not just the school but the government, the media and corporations – is turning on itself. Allie’s grandmother still clings to power but everyone knows her time at the top is ending. Next in line is Nathaniel, who killed Allie’s friends. If he takes over, all is lost.

Panicked and angry, she pushes everyone away. She wants revenge. She wants justice. But some battles can’t be won alone.

Allie must learn who to trust. Or lose everything.

Don’t miss Fracture, the thrilling third book in the international bestselling Night School series.

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WARNING: If you haven’t read Book 2 yet, this extract contains massive spoilers.

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Bonus Fracture Book Trailer: The Letter

Find out what’s in the letter Allie reads in the Fracture book trailer in this BONUS book trailer.

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