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‘C.J. Daugherty ratchets up the tension expertly; she plants suspicion and weaves webs of deceit in a way that readers of Le Carré would recognise.’ Books for Keeps


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Get SIGNED copies of all the Night School books

Mr B's Night School page


…Wherever you live

I’m delighted to announce that Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights – basically the best book store in the world – has agreed to stock and sell SIGNED copies of all four Night School books, and ship them to readers all over the world!

I get asked for signed books every day and, as much as I want to sign everything, it’s hard to keep up. It can take me weeks to sort things out – sometimes months if I’m super busy.

Mr B’s will handle this for me from now on. Whether you live in Mexico, Peru, Spain or Germany – order a signed copy of any Night School book from Mr B’s and you will have it as fast as the mail deliverer can get it to you.

It’s a lovely independent book shop in the town of Bath in Somerset, run by the nicest book loving people you will EVER meet. They have a BATHTUB full of books.

Bathtub full of books


How could I not love them?? Not only are they good and nice and great at getting books to you, but look at how they package the books.

Each book arrives wrapped in paper and tied up with string. It’s like a present to yourself.


Mr B's wrapping

On my page on the Mr B’s website, you’ll also find my list of SIX books that influence my writing. My desert island books. The books I would never want to be without.

I hope you’ll fall in love with them, just like I did.

The signed copies are available now. I encourage all Night School fans, wherever you live in the world, to buy your books from Mr B’s.

Cafe Press Opens Night School Shop!

team_carter_t team_sylvain_jrspaghetti_strap









Have you ever wanted a Team Sylvain t-shirt? How about a Cimmeria Academy book bag?

Now you can have them. Cafe Press has just opened a Night School Shop. And it has the coolest things.

Check out the Cimmeria Academy earrings.


And look at the cool notebooks!

resistance_journal (1)

There are cool bags, hoodies, notebooks and key chains. All with a Night School theme.

Now you can wear your fandom on your sleeve. Literally.

The shop is online only, and ships all over the world. All the products are exclusive — no store in the world has them except this one. I just bought a Cimmeria Academy bag and I’m carrying it with me everywhere.

Let’s go shopping.

Night School store

Check out the Cafe Press shop.

Worldwide Resistance Giveaway!

As promised! I’m giving away fifteen copies of the UK edition of Night School Resistance!

All will be signed by me and sent to you WHEREVER YOU ARE.

You might have to register with Goodreads to enter the contest but registration is FREE and (I think) EASY.

NIGHTERS! Enter the contest NOW. I hope you WIN.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Night School by C.J. Daugherty

Night School

by C.J. Daugherty

Giveaway ends June 24, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win


Night School Resistance Trailer and MORE

Yesterday, the Night School Resistance book trailer launched exclusively on the website of Maximum Pop Magazine. More than a thousand of you watched it in less than twelve hours! Incredible!

Now you can watch it here, too! I’ve watched it about 100 times today alone.

Join me in my obsession.


Reverse POV Scene

In a hugely popular poll on my Facebook page last month, Night School fans told me loud and clear they wanted to read the scene from Night School Legacy: The night of the Winter Ball from Sylvain’s perspective.

Want to read it?

Read the reverse POV.

Read Chapter One of Resistance

Chapter One of Resistance is now online as well. If you haven’t read Fracture it’s only a tiny bit spoilery. It’s generally quite safe, I think. You might just wonder what the heck the characters are doing being where they are.

It’s free to read online now!





Resistance US Resistance UK














Night School Resistance, Book 4 in the Night School series, is officially released today in the UK! *Throws confetti everywhere*

Resistance comes out TOMORROW in the US and Canada. It will be out in France in 1 week. And Germany ALREADY HAS IT. *Waves at Germany*

I’ll update my Facebook page throughout the day with news. The book trailer is scheduled to launch at 1pm UK time (14:00 Europe time, 7am USA time) on the website of Maximum Pop Magazine. I’ll put a link up on Facebook as soon as I have it.

There will be an EXCLUSIVE chance to read the first chapter on WattPad at the same time!

Congratulations to everyone getting their books, in book shops,  by post or via EBOOK MAGIC today! I really hope you absolutely LOVE Resistance.

Maximum Pop has put up some photos from the book trailer shoot. Look at SYLVAIN.

New Resistance trailer teaser!

A new teaser from the Night School Resistance book trailer has just gone live. This one is INTENSE.

It shows Allie and Carter training. THIS is what it takes to be in Night School.

What do you think? Could you make it through Night School training?


Get Night School Resistance

The full Night School Resistance trailer will be released 5 June 2014, the same day the book comes out in the UK, and the day before it is released in the US and Canada!

If you live in the UK, you can pre-order Resistance now. You can also enter a contest to win a free signed copy of Resistance before its release date!

I’ll be doing a worldwide and US giveaway soon! Stay TUNED…